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Lawn Services


A routine mowing shcedule of all lawn areas is provided, in a full growing season. Grass clippings that have landed on walkways, planting beds and paved areas will be blown clear for a neat appearance.

String trimming and edging of grass adjacent to buildings, curbs, walkways and planting beds are included with the mowing service.

Lawn Care Chemical Program
Applications, either liquid or granular form, as follows:

Round 1: Custom blended fertilizer with iron and pre-emergent.

Round 2: Custom blended fertilizer with iron, pre-emergent and post-emergent for grassy weeds and broadleaf weed control. 

Round 3: Custom blended fertilizer with iron broadleaf weed control.

Round 4: Fertilizer high in nutrition for root growth and development.

Round 5: Winter application.

Pavement Weed Control:
Spraying weeds in the cracks of walkways, driveways and pavement is done as needed.

Aerating and Seeding:
Aerating the lawn will increase air flow and promote healthy root growth. Over seeding the lawn will promote thicket and healthier grass growth.

Mulched plant beds and tree wells will be top-dressed annually with low acid, premium quality mulch.

Shrub Trimming
Formal shrubs shall be maintained by selectively pruning to a uniform height and shape to ensure a well-groomed appearance. Free-form growing shrubs will be pruned in a manner to maintain the natural shape or growth habit of the plant. All debris will be picked up and hauled away.

Debris Removal
We haul tree limbs, bags of leaves and more

Irrigation Maintenance
The irrigation system will be activated in the spring (with initial operation adjustments and inspection to the system) and winterized in the fall. Activation and winterizing does not include parts or labor for repairs. Additional irrigation work to be billed by the man hour.

Spring / Fall Clean-ups
Removal of leaves from landscaping mulch, and bag debris.

Gutter Cleaning
Cleaning debris from gutter and downspouts.

Dirt for Foundation
We can install dirt to fill in and around foundation where settling may have occurred.

We have many other services available, please call for pricing on your project.